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Vid - Easier to Run

Title: Easier to Run
Series: Strangers With Candy
Pairing: Chuck/Geoffrey
Rating: Hard R to NC-17 (see description)
Warning: Sexxorz (again, see description)

I was sitting in my dorm listening to Linkin Park one day for the first time in a loooong time, and this song popped up. And I realized how delightfully angsty it was. Which of course made me think of Chuck and Geoffrey. I do love their angst. (Sorry, boys! I promise my next one will be all puppies and kittens!)

So I made this. I used some clips from Queer as Folk as there were some things I wanted to include that I doubt Comedy Central would have allowed SWC to air. If you know anything about that show at all, you know that's what's up with the rating. There's no actual naughty bits, though. But still, not kid/work friendly.

(direct link here)

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