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stephen_paul's Journal

Pephen Colbernello.
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stephen_paul: A Stephen/Paul Community


This is a community dedicated to the friendship/collaboration/sekrit relationship of Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello. The posts can be about anything - Their work in Exit 57/Strangers With Candy/The Colbert Report, about their achievements and accolades, how much you love them together (as friends or...otherwise), how hot they looked making out in the basement of that one Exit 57 clip we all know, love, and squee about, etc, etc.


...This community has no rules. Start fandomwars! Squee and fangirl madly! Go nuts! As long as it pertains to Stephen and Paul, it's kosher. Whether it's icons, fanfiction, random topics for discussion, things you have noticed, fangirlism, graphics, fanmixes, anything, it's fine with us!


This community is in no way responsible for any brain damage, corruption to young minds, or complete loss of any kind of grip on reality whatsoever. Members, join at your own risk.


This community is in no way affiliated with the douches over on colbert_report. If you're looking to spam irrelevant crap and start shit like over there, get the fuck out of here. We're a close-knit community, one that is very friendly and open to new members, but starting shit for fun WILL NOT be tolerated, so don't even try, kthx.


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