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Always and Forever

Fandom: Strangers With Candy
Pairings: Chuck/Geoffrey
Rating: PG-13-ish
Notes: Hi guys! I'm new to LiveJournal (Should I mention that?) anyhoozle! Thought I would start with a fic I wrote a few months ago. Please forgive the Cheesy-ness of the title
Summary: A/U Strangers With Candy. Chuck and Geoffrey take a vacation in the mountains
Disclaimer: Stephen, Paul and Amy own the world. I own nothing!.

The brisk mountain air slapped against his face like knives as the temperature dropped far below what any Native Californian had been brought up with. The horrible president's day weekend traffic combined with the terrifyingly windy roads was enough to force anybody who hadn't overdosed on twice the recommended dose of Nyquil to crawl up in a fetal position while wistfully drifting off to their happy place. 21-year-old Chuck Noblet did just this, listening to the gravel pound against the bottom of the car like a thousand tiny critters.

“You had better be careful with the road, it's getting sort of windy at this point don't you think?” Chuck gulped as he fearfully tried to catch a glimpse of the snow-draped mountains up ahead.

“Relax Chuck...I drive from UCI to Los Angeles and back everyday. If i can handle rush hour traffic I can handle anything. Oh and by the way, don't look down you'll get sick again.” Said Chuck's college roommate Geoffry half-reassuringly as he sped up the icy mountain road to their weekend getaway to Big Bear, just as Chuck looked down over the road.

“How is that even remotely reassuring? This isn't rush hour traffic...we've moving!” “Dead Lord...” Chuck said, putting a hand over his mouth, closing his eyes and leaning back in the car seat.

“I hate to say I told you so but...” chortled Geoffrey, “I told you not to look down. I would tell you to take more Nyquil but you've basically got enough of it in you to tranquilize a small elephant.”

“How does a Fine Arts major have enough money to get portabello mushroom sandwiches?” Said Chuck, eying them as he looked desperately through their bags for more Nyquil. “...And I don't need drugs, I'm not getting carsick.” replied Chuck, taking a portabello mushroom sandwich and taking a bite, hoping the sandwich would quell the churning in his stomach. He changed the song on the stereo and slumped back in his seat.

Geoffrey pulled over to the side to let the line of cars behind him pass, then turned and glared at Chuck, “Because we decided weeks ago that this is what we wanted to do, I have money Chuck, I've sold some paintings.”

“Really? What art hall did you steal those from?” laughed Chuck, earning him a punch on the arm.

“I didn't steal them!” yelled Geoffrey, pulling back into the road. “It's called borrowing without returning.” Geoffrey said, smiling. “We need the vacation anyway, after that last Christmas party.”

“Oh yeah...”

“That poor Donkey.” they said together with a sad look on their faces.

“Anyway, try not to be a Mr. Cranky-pants this weekend? Please? Just try not to think of the road, think happy thoughts that wrap your mind into a blissful blanket of comforting warmth...Or just try to remember that Claire is going to be there.” said Geoffrey, giving his friend a cheerful smile.


“Your girlfriend?”

“Oh right, her”

Geoffrey slapped his hand against his face, sighing.

The ride continued in silence for the next few minutes, with Geoffrey concentrating on driving and Chuck in deep thought as he stared out of the window.

“Sharp turn!” Geoffrey playfully smiled as he nearly skid across the icy road.

“Where the hell are those drugs?!” Chuck yelled as he ripped off his seatbelt to frantically search their luggage for the correct narcotics popping a Dramamine pill in his mouth.

“With your cynical sarcastic attitude and the way you're popping those pills you could be a cameo of House.” said Geoffrey, looking wide-eyed as his friend.

“Yeah sure,” Chuck said with a laugh “I just need a cane”

“Why, so a much younger doctor will take pity of your flaws and end up falling in love with you?” Geoffrey said in a mock-loving tone.

“No, so I can beat you with it” replied Chuck dryly as he pulled on his brown beanie and snow jacket.

“Fine, fine. I get the message, I”ll stop” Geoffrey replied.

Chuck felt a pang of guilt for tearing Geoffrey of his always cheery mood, Chuck pulled Geoffrey's faux coat and beanie out of his backpack and put them on the dashboard.

“I'm sorry...Geoffrey...” Chuck said, a sorry look in his eyes. “I was just kidding around is all, I would never beat you with a cane.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever.” Geoffrey pulled his jacket on due to the brief stoppage in traffic, then his beanie. “You know, I'm always there for you with a cheery mood every time you come home from a bad day, when have you ever been there for me, Chuck?”

Chuck remained silent, not really knowing the answer, if there was one. He hesitated, trying to mend a broken heart “How are you and Cheri doing?” he said with a weak smile.

“Fine” Geoffrey said, not looking at him.

Chuck looked back out of the window with a frown, “When had he been there for Geoffrey?”. He perked up as a familiar song came up on the radio. He turned up the volume.

“Oh my god, I LOVE THIS SONG!” he yelled, singing along to Kansas' 'Carry On My Wayward Son'.

“Carry on my wayward SOOOOOOOOOOON. There'll be peace when you are GOOOONE. Come on Geoffrey I know you know this!”

Geoffrey was resistant at first, but watching Chuck purposely embarrass himself to cheer him up finally got his good mood going again, and he joined in. They sang:

“Once I rose above the noise and confusion
Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion
I was soaring ever higher
But I flew too high
Though my eyes could see
I still was a blind man
Though my mind could think
I still was a mad man
I can hear the voices when I'm dreaming
I can hear them say!”

Geoffrey started laughing, and once Geoffrey started laughing Chuck started laughing, and pretty soon they were laughing so hard Geoffrey had to stop the car as he doubled over the steering wheel.

“I'm lizzing!! I'm lizzing!” he gasped.

“Oh my god..” Chuck said, wiping the tears from his eyes as the song ended, and desperately trying to stifle back more laughter. “That song brings back memories.” Geoffrey was still gasping for air.

Chuck laughed again, and poked Geoffrey “Career Day, remember?”

Geoffrey playfully pushed him away, clutching his chest as his face contorted from laughter. He nodded.

“Ah, man” Geoffrey sighed, finally catching his breath.


He jumped, apparently his stalling on the road had caused a traffic jam behind him.

“Oh...shit” he laughed, putting the car in drive and continuing back up the road.

The two, back on friendlier terms happily sang along to the radio, allowing the seemingly endless drive to be nearly cut in half as they ascended the mountain, letting the wilderness drape them in a think blanket of soft snow.

* * * * * * * * * *

Geoffrey slowed the car to a stop as they drove up to the mountain Cabin that they had rented for the weekend using Geoffrey's 'art commission'. A fresh layer of snow covered the ground all around them, blanketing the wilderness in a comfortable silence.

Not two seconds had passed since Geoffrey had killed the engine before he happily tumbled out of the car and flopped down on the thick bed of snow, beginning to make a snow angel.

“Jeez you just don't get enough do you?” said Chuck, a little bit too sarcastically as he stumbled out of the car and joined Geoffrey on the other side. He shivered “It's freezing!”

“Oh live a little will you? We can only do this a couple of times a year, if that” Geoffrey said, getting up to admire his handiwork. He looked at the thick bed of snow, an evil look in his eyes as he looked from the snow to Chuck, and then back.

“More power to that then,” said Chuck, looking around at the trees then, noticed Geoffrey picking up a handful of snow. “Wait...what are you doing?”

Geoffrey clutched a snowball as he slowly made his way to where Chuck was, an evil grin on his face.

“Geoffrey!” Chuck tried to run away, but slipped on the ice.

But he was too late, Geoffrey hurled a snowball at him, hitting him square in the face and spraying snow all over his glasses. Chuck was stunned at first then, glaring at Geoffrey, got up to chase after him but was too slow before a flying vortex of snowballs flew at and around him. He duck, dodged, dip, duck and dove, or whatever the hell the dodge ball rules were. He got up again, determined to seek revenge on Geoffrey, but just as he was about to tackle Geoffrey, he tripped, falling face first in the snow.

Geoffrey doubled over in laughter. “Why don't you just give up now? You'll never catch me with...”


Geoffrey was distracted long enough for chuck to get up and make a fresh snowball, proceeding to hurl it at Geoffrey. He nearly fell over as he got a face full of snow. He saw Chuck coming, dreading what was to come if he was caught, and bolted in to the nearby forest: half-lighthearted and half-frightened.

Chuck, thinking quickly decided to cut him off around the Cabin, not realizing that Geoffrey had hid behind the tree adjacent to the back of the cabin, crafting an arsenal of snowballs.

Chuck ran around the Cabin singing:

“Oh Mister Cow! My name is Louis Pastuer and I've come to inoculate you!”

Geoffrey chuckled, “You're going to have to catch me first!”

Armed and dangerous, Geoffrey turned around to catch Chuck by surprise when...


The two collided in a cluster of snow and tangled body parts. The two tossed and turned in the snow for a few seconds before Chuck landed on top of Geoffrey, covered in snow and just inches from each others faces. Chuck's angry revenge-seeking face had changed into one of surprise as they awkwardly gazed into the other's eyes, as thought trapped by the others' locking gaze, the other's soul before coming to their senses.

Chuck cleared this throat as he pushed himself off of Geoffrey and wiped the snow from himself.

“Well, better unload the car!” said Geoffrey as he scrambled to get up.

“And the beer, lots and lots of manly beer” said Chuck, sprinting to the car, stumbling many times on the way back.

Now drenched in no small part thanks to their body heat melting the excess snow, the two walked back to the car in an awkward silence shivering and hungry. The two began unloading the car, with Chuck taking the heavier items and Geoffrey the lighter. They had almost finished unloading when Geoffrey said:

“Claire still hasn't come yet. I wonder if her and Cheri got stuck in the pass without chains”
“Who?” questioned Chuck, almost slipping trying to yank the snowboards off of the rack.

“Your girlfriend!” Geoffrey yelled, annoyed. “Bringing my girlfriend to the mountains for this vacation!” addressing Chuck's blank stare.

“Right, well let's just get inside. It's freezing and I'm hungry” said Chuck, finally managing to pull the snowboards off of the top.

“What else is new...”Whispered Geoffrey under his breath.


“Nothing! Here let me help you!”

“My God that was exhausting, exclaimed Geoffrey as he opened the door, allowing a now sweaty, red-faced Chuck to bring in their snowboard gear. Chuck leaned the boards against the wall and threw their boots down on the floor, yawned and walked over to the couch, collapsing on a cluster of blankets.

“Yeah, real exhausting for you, opening that wooden door and all” gasped Chuck.”You did so much work, I'm such a lazy ass.” Chuck said as he tried to catch his breath.

“Well hey now” Geoffrey said as he closed the door “ I drove up here, I deserve a break” earning a glare from Chuck from across the room.

His stomach growled.

“I'm hungry, let's go out to eat.” he got up. “I know a great place to eat.”

“Really?” asked Geoffrey, with a quizzical, sarcastic look. “I bet everything is deep-fried, even the vegetables.”

“That just makes them more appetizing,” said Chuck with a smile. “Now come on let's go.”

Geoffrey looked around, worried “Shouldn't we wait for the girls? I'm the only one with a key.”

“Nah, just leave them a note, they'll figure it out. Now come on, tummy is hungry.” Chuck said, already near the car.

Geoffrey stared strangely at Chuck, mouthing: “What?” accompanying him out the door and locking it.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The two friends walked into the restaurant, quickly shedding their extra layers of clothing as soon as the heater blast struck their rosy faces.

“My God I'm hot” said Geoffrey, tearing off his gloves and snow beanie.

Chuck began to crack up, but quickly stopped himself as he told the hostess how many were in their party.

“What?” Geoffrey scowled at Chuck.

“Nothing, nothing” he said with a smile. I'm sure you are, come on let's get a drink at the bar” said Chuck, stifling another laugh and leading the way to the bar behind the wall.

Geoffrey slapped his hand to his face, laughing as he followed his friend to the bar. “Well someone is certainly in a better mood” joked Geoffrey as he joined Chuck on an adjacent barstool.

“Of course I am,” said Chuck. He pointed to a waitress passing by with a several plates of food on her tray. “Food” he said with an impish grin.

Twenty minutes later, the two had nearly finished their drinks: an appletini and mug of beer when they heard a bone-rattling scream coming from the entrance.

The girls had arrived.

Chuck pulled his sweatshirt hood up and tried to hide behind his beer, but it was too late, they had seen him.

“Chuck! Geoffrey! Oh my god!” yelled Cheri Wolf, Geoffrey's girlfriend causing another group across the bar to stare.

Geoffrey, the more social of the two, immediately got up to greet them, sparking up conversation instantly.

“Hey! How was the drive up? We were worried that you would get stuck on the road because of the ice!”

“Oh no it was fine, nothing the ole truck can't take” said Cheri, hugging him.

“Chuck, is that you?” Clair said shyly, approaching the bar with caution, as if an alien were to burst out of Chuck's stomach at any moment.

He turned around slowly, keeping his beer close by.

“Oh, was the drive up?” Chuck said, taking another sip.

“It was...fine Chuck” she said, looking at him strangely “Chuck, why didn't you call me before you guys left?”

“LOOK! I guess I was supposed to call you this morning but I guess I was a little bit concerned with our mortal souls, and keeping them from falling off the icy cliffs into oblivion! Sorry!” he yelled “Now Unless Beelzebub wants to poke me with her pitchfork some more, I suggest we get our table!” indicating the waitress, a small blonde woman holding four menus and looking slightly scared at the developing situation.

“Geez, somebody is a Mr. Crankypants” joked Geoffrey.

“Shut up!” Chuck yelled as he grabbed his beer mug and followed the waitress.

“What's wrong with Chuck?” asked Cheri, grabbing Geoffrey's arm.

“Oh, uh..” he tried to come up with a reasonable answer for his sudden hostility “It must be the mountain him...male..menopause for no reason. Let's go to the table shall we?” he said grabbing his appletini and chasing after Chuck.

Cheri stood for a second, evaluating Geoffrey's answer, then, deciding it made sense snapped Claire out of her trance and the girls followed the waitress.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The waitress escorted them to a booth in the corner of the restaurant. A mountain cabin theme decorated the restaurant around them, with fake taxidermy animals and beautiful hand painted pictures of Arrowhead Lake in the summertime.

They ate most of the meal in silence, Geoffrey having to more than once stop World War III from starting whenever Claire stole a French Fry from Chuck's plate. Chuck's temper had calmed down a bit as he had finally shifted his thoughts back to food again.

“So, Geoffrey what are we going to do?” asked Clair who had given up on trying to talk to Chuck, who was now staring out of the window, having finished his hamburger.

“Well,” said Cheri before Geoffrey could answer. “I was thinking of goingi around shopping for souvenirs and taking a hike around the lake to look at the sights!”

“That sounds great!” exclaimed Claire “I've always-”

“Wait but we had already planned to go snowboarding tomorrow” interrupted Chuck, tearing his attention away from the dark window.

“Sorry Chuck, Cheri and I just don't want to do anything sporty, we'll get our nice new clothes all wet and dirty” said Claire, taking a leftover French Fry from Chuck's plate.

He glared daggers at her, and pulled his plate closer to himself. He looked at Geoffrey, speechless but Geoffrey just shrugged and mouthed “Sorry”.

Chuck slumped back, defeated. Then, dug into his jacket for his wallet, and took out a five dollar bill. He slammed it on the table, got up, then stormed out of the restaurant.

“Chuck!” Geoffrey called after his friend. “Excuse me” he said as he got up and chased after his friend.

He found Chuck outside in the parking lot, sitting on a curb eating from a small bag of chips that he had smuggled in his snow jacket.

“Chuck, what's going on?” said Geoffrey with a concerned look on his face as he sat down next to his friend.

“It's the girls, Geoffrey. I feel like you're losing touch with your manhood, succumbing to their every wish. We had plans Geoffrey, we were going to go snowboarding...Snowboarding! And now you want to go shopping with them?” Chuck yelled with a full mouth, chip crumbs flying out of his mouth.

“It's just for tonight and tomorrow Chuck. We'll see if we can squeeze it in afterworlds.” said Geoffrey, wiping the spittle from his chin.

“Tonight too! UGH!” Chuck got up, discarded the empty bag and started pacing the empty parking space. “It's like their taking over our whole weekend, what do you even see in her anyway. I'M your best friend.”

“I don't know Chuck. My whole life I thought I would be a confirmed bachelor and all. Then she comes along.”Geoffrey said, standing up and pointing an accusing finger at Chuck. “She makes me happy, Chuck. Can't you understand that?”

“I...” Chuck was interrupted by Cheri and Claire exiting the restaurant, loudly talking about what souvenirs they could find around town.

“Geoffrey, are you ready to go?” said Cheri, instantly grabbing Geoffrey's arm and looking up at him expectantly.

“Uh, sure. Let's just walk around for a little bit, take our mind off of the day's events,” Geoffrey said with a concerned look as he watched Chuck give Cheri the look of death. Claire stood off to the side, still too scared to approach Chuck because of his previous explosion.

The group made their way up the street, the girls instantly stopping them at a clothing store with a giant SALE sign over the door.

Claire's mood greatly improved as her and Cheri swept over the shop like hungry ravens, searching for prey.

“Oh my god! Cheri look at these cute little sweaters, they're so cheap. OH and these beanies, aren't these just adorable, I look like a little Scandinavian girl! Oh and these scarves are just about adorable.”

“Clair you would look great in this one, no not that one red isn't your color. How about this blue one. OH it's so cute. You HAVE to buy it. It's on sale look, just ten dollars!”

Chuck stood in the snow outside the shop, clinging to his jacket for extra warmth giving Geoffrey a pleading look.

“Come on Chuck, perk up.” Geoffrey encouraged, having been set free from Cheri's iron grip. “For me?”

Chuck rolled his eyes, and gave in to his desire to please his friend, stepping into the shop with Geoffrey. He was immediately taken over by Clair, who had completely forgotten about the incident at the restaurant, desperately encouraging him to try on various gloves and scarves much to his dislike.

“Alright alright! Yes they look good on you, all of it!” Chuck said after commenting on Clair's fifth scarf.

“You should get these,” she said, handing him handmade gloves with guitars on them, a white beanie with a brown zigzag pattern and braids down the side, and a brown scarf with snowflakes on both ends. “I can just get my own...”

Feeling guilty, Chuck offered to pay for them instead, trying to make the mood brighter for Geoffrey, despite his own dark mood. He glared daggers at Geoffrey as he pulled out his wallet and paid the cashier. Geoffrey just smiled sheepishly at him as he stood in the doorway, Cheri clinging to his arm again.

They left the store, Clair happily going through the bag, swapping her and Chuck's current attire for the recently bought items. They passed various bars and stores, stopping more than once to prevent Chuck from hiding from the rest of them through alcohol. Clair also constantly asking for pictures in front of this tree, that snowman, this cute store sign.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Later, the entire party's exhaustion beginning to take hold of them, they decided to return to their respective cars and drive back to the cabin. The ride was silent in the boys' car, while the girls was buzzing with excitement over the night's events.

The girls stampeded into the cabin after Geoffrey had opened the door, bolting up the stairs to try on their new clothes, Cheri dragging Geoffrey with her. Chuck came in last, shaking the snow off of himself with a look that bordered on severe depression.

He flopped down on the couch, desperately trying to think of a reason to not go upstairs. He got up, walked over to his bags and took out Guitar Center Magazine and another bag of chips. He began to read, but before long he had passed out, dreaming of performing 'Dust in the Wind' by Kansas.

* * * * * * * * * * *

He woke up a few hours later due to Geoffrey attempting to sneak down the creaky staircase. Chuck had always been a light sleeper, he never completely trusted the people in his dorm building. He sat up groggily as Geoffrey sat down on the couch next to him in a fluffy one-sy pajama.

“Hey..” Geoffrey whispered.

“Hey Geoffrey” Chuck rubbed his eyes.“So, did you get any?” Chuck said in a muffled voice behind his hands.

“Excuse me?” Geoffrey asked in a surprised tone.

“Tonight, did you get any?” Chuck asked, completely serious as he set his magazine on the table.

“No...I don't know. We've been going out for awhile but, maybe I'm doing something wrong...”

Chuck's heart began thumping really hard, what was this he was feeling...jealousy? No, it couldn't be, he was as straight as an arrow. Although that arrow was susceptible to being horribly misshapen under the correct circumstances.

“Well what's your approach?” he asked, almost instantly. What was he doing? Why was he going through with this, what was he trying to prove to himself? “Pretend I'm her.” Chuck scooted closer to Geoffrey, putting their faces just inches apart.

Geoffrey hesitated then, thinking that this was just a friendly gesture on his friend's part closed the gap. The kiss was light at first but quickly grew in passion as Chuck responded, perhaps out of sheer surprise. The butterflies in his stomach...the fireworks in his head...was this real? Chuck's hand moves up and begins playing with Geoffrey's hair, the other pinning Geoffrey's remaining hand down, as the other is squished against the couch. Geoffrey soon ran out of breath and was forced to break the kiss, unwillingly.

“I...uh...” Chuck cleared his throat, feeling his face burning. “I don't know, just give it some time” He got up and nearly sprinted up the stairs.

Geoffrey just sat there in shock at what had just happened. What had just happened? He had forgotten why he had come down in the first place, so he just followed Chuck up the stairs to their room and lay down on the bed with Cheri.

* * * * * * * * * * *

They wake up simultaneously staring at each other from across the room.

“Did you just...”


“Does it mean anything?”

“I have no clue, Chuck. But that felt so real”

Chuck looked around the room, noticing the sun streaking through the window blinds and the glowing red 7:30 on the alarm clock. He had set it to beep at 8:00, and the girls were still asleep. Chuck indicated the clock, and looked back and forth between it and Geoffrey. Geoffrey completely understood him, and they quickly got up and began to get dressed. As the alarm clock woke the girls up at 8:00, the two boys had already gotten dressed and had bolted out of the door with their respective ski gear and boards.

* * * * * * * * * * *

They arrived at the parking lot of Bear Mountain just as the lifts opened. The light blizzard that had started as they left the cabin had already left a fresh blanket of snow on the asphalt. They ate a quick breakfast of donuts and coffee before heading out to the lifts. Chuck, the more adventurous even in these conditions had convinced Geoffrey to take the longest lift up to the summit of the mountain, but not before attempting to drag him to the chairlift by himself by his jacket hood.

“Chuck, I don't think I can do this,” Geoffrey whimpered as he glared down the steep hill that curved and vanished behind a cluster of trees.

“Sure you can, here let me show you how you have to stand.” said Chuck, undoing his own bindings and standing behind Geoffrey.

He wrapped his arms around Geoffrey's waist, attempting to straighten his back. He pushed down on Geoffrey's legs. “Here, bend your knees like this and keep your back straight.” His face was right next to Geoffrey's, who could feel Chuck's hot breath on his own exposed neck, and loving it” He leaned his head back against Chuck's shoulder “But what if I fall?”

“Don't worry, I'll be right behind you,” Chuck said reassuringly as he sat down to clamp in his own bindings. He stood up and put his hand on Geoffrey's shoulder “I've got your back buddy. Now, On with you” and he pushed Geoffrey off the flat ground onto the slope.

Geoffrey yelped, at first surprised then, regaining his balance, he easily swerved left and right down the slope, almost like a natural. He looked behind him, eagerly awaiting Chuck's response, but before he could look, he lost his balance and swerved sharply to the left, off the slope and into the patch of trees.


“OH my god, Geoffrey!”

Chuck pushed himself off and stopped himself right where Geoffrey's trail ended. He looked over the edge, not able to see anything amidst the cluster of pine needles and snowdrifts.

“Geoffrey! Where are you?”

“Chuck! Is that you? Help me!” Geoffrey pleaded from god knows where.

Chuck tore off his bindings and slid down into the ditch. He ran over to where he could see Geoffrey, laying in a confused pile just a few short feet away, his legs tangled up, still attached to his board.

Chuck discarded his own and ran to Geoffrey's side.

“Geoffrey! Are you okay, what hurts?”

“Just my ankle, I think I sprained something.”

“God dammit! You scared me so badly.” Chuck yelled, desperately attempting to unbind Geoffrey's legs from the board. “Don't you ever take your final curtain call without me! And NEVER look back while you're snowboarding...EVER!” he pointed at Geoffrey with an accusing finger.

They heard a voice calling from the top of the ditch.

“You guys alright?” the voice asked.

“No!” Chuck yelled “Go get help, he's sprained his ankle! And...possibly broken his nose!” said Chuck, looking at Geoffrey's now bloody face.

“Alright, I'll get the ski patrol! Just wait here!” the voice said and was gone.

“Don't worry...” Geoffrey said as he placed a hand on Chuck's shoulder reassuringly. “I shan't. I'll let you know when it's my time” he leaned his head back dramatically.

Chuck took a bag of kleenex tissues out of his jacket, and gave them to Geoffrey who began dabbing the blood away. Before he knew what he was doing Chuck was kissing Geoffrey, passionately. It is a frantic fight to touch, to taste, to get closer and closer, even though they are already as close as two clothed people can be. They gasp for air between heated kisses before Chuck stops, gasping for air. He lay down next to Geoffrey, hand around his waist trying to keep him warm with his own body heat.

“I'll always be here for you Geoffrey,” Chuck said, his chin resting on Geoffrey's chest.

“Always and forever?” Geoffrey said with a cute smile.

“Always and forever.”

They kissed.

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